Giving Education Meaning

GEM Connect Pty Ltd is an international education company that works to provide individualised psychosocial support to young people from all walks of life. Our innovative education program and tools assist young people establish meaning and sense of purpose.  GEM connects human beings to other like-minded individuals, resources, and support services in their community, so as to mobilize young leaders to be able to act in the world. The innovative GEM method delivered by an æffective support team enables these young leaders to become more robust in their decision-making.

GEM Connect Pty Ltd is 100% unaffiliated with any institution including government, religious, or civil. GEM is a New Social Health Movement that is independently funded, with the core function of educating and empowering young and vulnerable people worldwide. The company's main aim is to give a voice to young people.

"One who has eyes is not told to look, as they will look themselves." ~ Swahili wisdom



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